I hope you’re reading this on your phone – I am!

Tablets and phones

About a week ago, when I wanted to try out Amazon’s new bookerly font, I went searching for my Kindle Paperwhite and realized the battery was dead; I hadn’t used it in weeks. Yet in those weeks, I had read several e-books and a plethora of articles – just not on my e-reader. I realized I did most of my reading on my phone.

Am I an outlier? Not according to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal (“The Rise of Phone Reading” by Jennifer Maloney, @maloneyfiles). Reading on a smartphone is commonplace:

In a Nielsen survey of 2,000 people this past December, about 54% of e-book buyers said they used smartphones to read their books at least some of the time. That’s up from 24% in 2012, according to a separate study commissioned by Nielsen.

The number of people who read primarily on phones has risen to 14% in the first quarter of 2015 from 9% in 2012.

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Friday Reads: This Is One of the Best Descriptions of the Literary Novel I’ve Seen.

For this Friday reads post: a response to Will Self’s death of the literary novel article and why talking to yourself boosts your thinking.

Over the weekend, I read Will Self’s article in The Guardian (“The novel is dead (this time it’s for real)“). No, there’s no irony in that title. Self is really mad that the literary novel isn’t “central to the culture,” as if it’s been central to culture throughout the 20th century but hasn’t had importance thanks to the Kindle.

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