Friday Reads: Links to Help You Craft Your NaNoWriMo Book

Did you participate in National Novel Writing Month this year? If so, you might be absolutely fed up with your manuscript right now. But once you’re ready to start editing your NaNoWriMo draft, here are some links that will help you with the process.

First suggestion: is a great choice if you need a quick guide to tricky grammar and style issues. I used Grammarly’s proofreading software because, let’s face it, grammar’s tough. And even a professional editor needs help sometimes.

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Friday Reads: A Writer’s Week in Books

It’s too easy for book bloggers to spend too much time writing about writing and publishing than actually writing. This week, I spent some time catching up with my own writing — stuff I’m working on beyond this blog.

Today, let’s explore a couple of articles on writing and reading. These were some of the best ones I tweeted this week.

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