Episode 23: The Future of Libraries

In today’s show, Jason and Kevin take a close look at the future of the library. Libraries aren’t fusty old buildings with mildewed books any more. Today, they serve as community centers and digital outposts designed to help people get things done and discover new skills. In fact, some libraries are getting in on the maker trend.

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When Should You Self-Publish Your Book?

With digital tools, we have infinite publishing and writing possibilities. But how do we know when to self-publish and when to wait?

The future is here, or something like that. At least, that’s what self-publishing advocates say. As Jason and I said in our latest podcast episode (Episode 7), self-publishing’s been around for millenia, we just think of it differently in the digital age than we did in the past.

Isn’t that how it goes? We always think whatever is happening right now is new and untested. The truth is, the monolithic, “traditional” publishing system was a blip in history, and it’s not as lucrative as it was 10 years ago.

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Interview with Whitney Strub, Author of “Obscenity Rules”


The first two words of the title caught my eye: Obscenity Rules. Did they suggest a roar of triumph, an occasion for fist-pumping and saying, “Yeah! Obscenity rules!” Or did they indicate that the book is a dispassionate guide to the legal landscape of free expression in the 21st  century? And who was this “Roth” person? I wrote to the author of the new book, Obscenity Rules: Roth v. United States and the Long Struggle over Sexual Expression (Buy at Amazon or UP of Kansas), Whitney Strub, to ask him for an interview. He graciously agreed, and this is the result.

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Critical Margins Podcast, Episode 0: Literary Snobbery

Today, I’m proud to announce the first-ever Critical Margins Podcast episode!

This week, Jason Braun and I discuss literary elitism: whether it exists, what it might mean for writers and publishers, and how we perceive reading in the twenty-first century. Are fears or concerns about elitism or snobbery just insecurities or something else?

You can also read my thoughts on this topic in this post from last week.

You can listen to or download the podcast here (permalink here):

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Interview with Michael Z. Newman, Author of “Video Revolutions”

Video Revolutions

What are we talking about when we talk about video? When we say we watched it on video, is that correct usage, and how long have we been doing that?

These are the kinds of questions addressed by Michael Z. Newman in his book, Video Revolutions: On the History of a Medium (buy at Columbia UP and Amazon). Video already has a history? Intrigued, I wrote to Mr. Newman and asked for an interview. He graciously agreed. This is the result.

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