By law, we are required to disclose any associations or affiliations we have on this site. While Critical Margins is mainly a passion project for our writers and enthusiastic readers, we do need to fund the maintenance costs of the site.

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Amazon Associates

Occasionally, we mention books or products we enjoy and link to them through Amazon.com‘s Associates program. We make a small commission when you follow one of our associate links and purchase an item through Amazon.com, but it does not increase the price you pay.

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Reviews and interviews

On occasion, our writers are provided with free review copies of books we review or discuss on this site. These free review copies come from publishers, publicists or authors. We never agree to favorable reviews or any editorial interference of any kind in exchange for free copies, nor do we ever publish a review of a book we don’t find has value to our readers.

Bottom line

Our thoughts on affiliates and reviews: if we can’t enthusiastically support a product, book, or idea, we won’t post on it or promote it. Links to product pages on Amazon follow this rule as well. We also promise not to be intrusive with any of our affiliations or recommendations.

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