Critical Margins Podcast, Episode 1: Spies in the Workshop

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Did you know the CIA helped fund the Iowa Writer’s Workshop in the 1960s to combat the Soviets?

This is all according to an article by Eric Bennett in the Chronicle of Higher Education: “How Iowa Flattened Literature.”

Bennett also argues that this push to use writing to push a cultural agenda led to the flattening of literature.

Luckily, Jason and I have strong opinions on this topic, so check out the podcast:


Critical Margins Podcast, Episode 0: Literary Snobbery

Today, I’m proud to announce the first-ever Critical Margins Podcast episode!

This week, Jason Braun and I discuss literary elitism: whether it exists, what it might mean for writers and publishers, and how we perceive reading in the twenty-first century. Are fears or concerns about elitism or snobbery just insecurities or something else?

You can also read my thoughts on this topic in this post from last week.

You can listen to or download the podcast here (permalink here):

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