Do you dogear and mark up the books you read? Do you have long conversations at parties about books and articles you’ve read? If so, Critical Margins is your home.

The writers at Critical Margins are book obsessives. We don’t care if you read on a phone, kindle, or leather-bound tome, we just care about words. This site is about reading and writing, online and offline, and all of the things that shape our lives each day.

This site was founded by Kevin Eagan, a bibliophile and freelance book editor living in Florida who wanted a place to write not just about books he enjoyed but also about how books made him feel. You will see the same love of reading play out from all of the guest contributors on this site as well.

The articles here include reviews, interviews with authors and academics, essays, and self-reflective narratives about books and reading in the digital age. We love to write about merging digital and analog writing and reading tools – how what we read on and how we read affects the way we see the world. We want to go beyond summaries of the books we read. We don’t care about genre. We’ll read anything. That’s why our site’s tagline is “A passion for words, on screen and on paper.”

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