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Evernote for Reading and Writing (Episode 19)

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How do you organize your reading life? Today, we’re talking about how to use Evernote for writing and organization. Both Jason and Kevin use Evernote to write notes, keep lists, organize daily writing, and keep track of our digital books. You can even use evernote to organize your ebook reading notes as well.

Show notes:

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About Kevin Eagan

Kevin Eagan (@criticalmargins) is a freelance editor, writer, and teacher who lives in Central Florida. He edits book manuscripts and articles for local and national publications. In addition to writing about book technology and teaching college students how to write, Kevin works as an associate editor for punctum books. Previously, he was the books editor for Blogcritics. You can also follow him on Google+ or check out his professional website,

  • kitezh

    Let’s hope that Amazon make highlights from personal docs available for services like soon. They seem to be moving in this direction now allowing sync for personal docs.

    • Kevin Eagan

      Yeah, I agree. I’d love to see more options with highlights on the Kindle. is about as good as it gets right now, but hopefully soon we’ll see features integrated in a way that allows flexibility. Thanks for the comment!