Episode 7: Self-Publishing – It’s Nothing New

Death of the Library
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Self-publishing: some writers swear by it, others treat it like it’s a dirty word. The truth is, many writers and publishers self-publish something at some point in their career. And self-publishing isn’t new, even though the tools used to self-publish continue to change.

In this episode, Jason and I discuss the fraught history of self-publishing. We talk about the DIY art movements of the past, but we also cover what the future holds for DIYers. Is self-publishing finally mainstream? How hard is it for writers to get their name out there? What are some of the best examples of self-published and DIY publishers right now?

We discuss a lot of interesting stuff in this show – articles, books published online, and examples of self-publishing. Go check them out:

Notable Moments in Self-Publishing History: A Timeline, Poets & Writers

How Hugh Howey Turned His Self-Published Story “Wool” Into A Success (& A Book Deal)

Shelley Jackson’s Ineradicable Stain – project publishes a story via tattoos

The Silent History – A New Kind of Novel [App]

“Forget Twitter. In St. Louis, Bare Your Soul Via Typewriter,” NPR

Pubslush – a crowdfunding service for writers (works a lot like Kickstarter).

Storium — The Online Storytelling Game

Espresso Book Machine – On Demand Books

The Newer York – Small press doing unique things for artists and writers. Specifically, this book: Small Creatures / Wide Field by John Mortara

Jason mentioned this excellent book for the self-starter who wants to do more than publish books: The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau

If you need to find your own writer’s group in your area, check out Meetup.com.

Finally, what are some of the things you’ve seen self-published that you’ve enjoyed? Sound off in the comments or hit us up on Twitter: @criticalmargins

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Kevin Eagan (@KevEagan) is a freelance editor and writer living in Central Florida. He edits book manuscripts and articles for local and national publications. Critical Margins is his place to share his interests. You can also check out his professional website, KevinThomasEagan.com.