Episode 4: Smartphone Lit and Writing on Phones

Digital Reading
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In today’s show, Kevin and Jason talk about writing on smartphones. Did you know a lot of students are writing more than tweets and texts on their phones? Is there anything wrong with writing everything on a smartphone?

We want to use our smartphones for good, so join us as we uncover how students use their phones for good.

In the show, we discuss:

Jason mentioned these books:

We both recommended these apps:

If you like writing on a smartphone, check out this Lifehacker article that explains how to create your own smartphone projector for $1.

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Digital Reading
Image Credit: Johan Larsson, flickr
Kevin Eagan (@KevEagan) is a freelance editor and writer living in Central Florida. He edits book manuscripts and articles for local and national publications. Critical Margins is his place to share his interests. You can also check out his professional website, KevinThomasEagan.com.